Useful Links

Here is a great website for practicing spelling words!

Fun 4 The Brain is a great website for all kinds of games.  Good one for

Mom, I'm bored...  Check out this website!

Math Hoops and more.  A great website for fun math games.

Multiplication Games and Practice

Ask Jeeves a question!

Fun to find all kinds of information!

The Web Guide for Kids!

Every kid loves the Magic School Bus.  This is a fun link by Scholastic.

Ranger Rick- a great site for animal lovers!

This website will help you understanding why we have different seasons.  It 
has a great Flash video for the movement of the Earth around the Sun.
Why we have seasons.

This is a great science website for learning how things work.  Even how to 
do knee surgery!
Ed Heads

Telling Time Practice
Apples 4 the Teacher

What's for lunch?

Great math website for fun math games!

Flash Cards for Addition and Subtraction

Meet Paula Danziger the author of Amber Brown.

Write a Comic- Here is a fun website that can help you write a comic strip of 
your own!

Fun interactive learning website!